Can I Do That?

I'm going to dedicate this page to introducing new technology to schools and Educators out there who want to stay on the cutting (bleeding) edge of technology. Here I'll introdcue you to the latest and greatest that Microsoft has to offer but specifically from an Education perspective. This will not be "you should buy" this will be "how do you do that" from an Education Technology perspective. I've spent the past 5 years speaking with Education Technologist, Instructional Technology Educators, and IT Admin and what I've found is that it is not the desire to use this technology that inhibits its adoption, it's literally the hurdles of time, effort, and usability. Time because if Educators can't learn it in 30 seconds or less you might as well put it on the shelf, effort because if it takes more time to develop a lesson or project with the tool, than without it, than it takes too much effort to incorporate into their lesson and lastly usability, no matter how great you think an application is, if they don't get how to use or don't comprehend its impact it can go on the shelf as well.

In the military they use an acronym K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple (insert your favorit S here - shorty, silly, sunshine) and that's what we'll do.

How did you create those photos on the first page?

So if you're visiting here from the "Is this the 3rd Year" page, well then you're in luck, I'll keep this simple for now but I'll probably go more in depth or find a way to explain how to create your own deep zoom photo's.

So the first place you should go is here to the Sea Dragon website, here it will explain what Sea Dragon is all about, what Ajax is about and how you're viewing those beautiful pictures in such a new way. From there you'll need to visit the PhotoZoom website and create your own collection of 'zoomable' photos!!!