Tag you're it!

Every once in a while I come across a technology that I feel has immediate impact, sometimes directly related to the classroom, sometimes I see it as a tool districts could use to engage, promote and share what their district is doing in a 21st century fashion. May I introduce Microsoft Tag


Now, I have no doubt that some people vieiwng this post will say "what?" and others will get it immediately. Which are you? I'll say this, if you follow the above instructions you'll find that you can actually create your own Tags that can be posted around your school, on your website and even in print. After all, what's the point of all of us carrying around cell phones and PDA's if you can't figure out a way to integrate them into the fabric of education.

 In two days I'll return and post further instructions, but hopefully in two days many of you will have learned and thought about how Microsoft Tag can engage your learners, educators, parents and your community!