Tag you're it! Part 2

So some of you have looked at the previous post and I'd love to know who has taken the initiative to investigate this wonderful technology. I've just ordered some business cards with the Microsoft Tag on the back of them so someone who I would normally give my card to, would be able to simply click the Tag and it will take them to my blog or the schools website. The only other thing they need to do is download the app for their phone, and yes, it does work on the Iphone as well. www.getttag.mobi

So it's real simple, hopefully you'll be posting Tags everywhere in your school (provided you have not blocked any and all phone usage in your respective schools).

 Step 1: Log onto Microsoft Tag - www.microsoft.com/tag with your windows Live ID




Step 2: Once logged in click to create your customized Tag



Step 3: Self explanatory, fill in the appropriate text boxes and url info and click create



Step 4: Click under the Render column on your new tag and save the PDF as an image!



Step 5: Post in your favorite location, online, on a wall, on an LCD or on a PC in your labs! (p.s. this Tag is different than the first, click away!)