You gotta see this - NECC debut of newest Education applications for the classroomo

So if you missed NECC 2009 this year I'm sorry :) You missed the opportunity to see some great technologies debuted at the Microsoft booth this year. Given the economic difficulties all organizations are facing this year, NECC was not as crowded as years past, but there was still plenty of interest in improving education through the use of technology. 

At this years conference I had the pleasure of being the first person to show off the 1st Education application developed out of the School of the Future for the Microsoft Surface. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, educators and learners, may I present Cell Explorer for the Microsoft Surface.

Cell Explorer


Cell Explorer was develped by our Microsoft Gold Partner VectorForm, with input directly from one of our Science Educators Mr. Earl Catagnus at the School of the Future. The application introduces learners to a lab activity focused on protein sythesis but with the ability for multiple learners to interact and learn at the same time, the Cell Explorer application will be used during the regular school year to compliment Mr. Catagnus's classroom instruction.


Cell Explorer 2

 Then once you expand the view of the cell by moving both of your hands outward, you're presnted with the the important components that make up the cell. You can then explore each component from the endoplasmic riticulum to the mitochandria.

 Cell Explorer 3

But the best part of the application is in its ability to dive deeper into the DNA of the cell where learners can explore the actual replication of mRNA and its binding to tRNA! I'm not going to spoil it for everyone, instead I'm going to offer the application to Surface users around the world.

 Cell Explorer

Have a Surface? Interested? Well then you're going to have to join the Innovative Teachers Network - Surface Community Website. I will post this application for free for a limited time for members that join the community. If you don't have a Surface, that's okay, please join the Innovative Teachers Network to find everything from curriculum to free applications for the classroom!!

 Please join ITN for this and more applications, and stay tuned for more great Surface apps from School of the Future!!!