Updates to the Microsoft CDN (Updated 12/1/2010)

I want to announce a couple of changes we have made to the Microsoft CDN recently.

Updated jQuery

We have added both jQuery 1..4.3 and jQuery 1.4.4 to the CDN,  plus there are vsdoc files for both of these releases. These new releases are available with these URLs:

jQuery version 1.4.4


jQuery version 1.4.3


New Domain Name

The Microsoft CDN is now available from a new domain name: ajax.aspnetcdn.com. We added support for this new domain name to increase the performance of the CDN. The primary benefit of the new domain is that it is not the microsoft.com domain, any requests to the microsoft.com cause the browser to send cookies for that domain across the wire. Since many people may have visited a Microsoft web property this means extra information is coming across the wire for those requests potentially slowing down the request. The new domain is a domain a user would never have visited in their browser and thus requests will have no additional payload. Testing has shown that this can increase speeds by up to 20%.

The previous domain ajax.microsoft.com is still available and will always remain available so all links to it will continue to function as usual but going forward we recommend people use the new domain.

Full details of the Microsoft CDN are available here: http://www.asp.net/ajaxlibrary/cdn.ashx

SSL Support (12/1/2010)

When we first created the new CDN ajax.aspnetcdn.com it did not support SSL (https://) style requests. As of 12/1/2010 the CDN has been updated to support SSL as well now.