My New Home - CodePlex

For the last nine months I have been working in a group working on a project doing WinFX (.NET 3.0) with CAB. (No, the reports are wrong, I was not living under a rock).  I can definitely say that it has been fun working with XAML.  Turning a ListBox into a totally new thing with  a few lines of code is wicked cool.  Now it is time for the next evolution in my career.

To be honest, when I was looking at the next stage of my career 9 months ago, I contacted Jim about the CodePlex project.  At that time, he was just getting traction and did not have a spot for me.  Little did I know that after I accepted the offer with my current job space would open up.  I know what you are thinking because I am thinking the same thing… “Why oh why did I not take the CodePlex pill?”.  I saved it for a rainy day. [I live in Seattle.] I start October 24th!.

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