MEDC in Las Vegas

Well, I have been meaning to blog more and get more performance information out. However, I have been working on a memory architecture presentation for MEDC which has been taking up lots of time. Roman Batoukov has also been preparing a performance talk update for MEDC. In conjunction with this, he has posted a Performance and Working Set FAQ to our team blog.

Here are the presentations that the .NET Compact Framework Team is doing:

  • Richard Greenberg - "A Platform on the Move: The .NET Compact Framework"

  • Scott Holden – "Memory Architecture in the .NET Compact Framework"

  • Roman Batoukov – "Developing High Performance Applications with the .NET Compact Framework"

  • David Kline and Mark Ihimoyan – “Debugging .NET Compact Framework Applications”

  • Mike Zintel will be participating in “Building Mobile Applications” panel discussion

I am excited about MEDC because of the new content that we have prepared and getting to meet developers face-to-face. A lot of the focus for our presentations has been on ‘solving real world issues’ – performance, memory and debugging.

Other presentations related to .NET Compact Framework from the Visual Studio for Devices team and Windows Mobile include:

  • Scott Smith – “Introduction to Managed Development for Devices with Visual Studio 2005”

  • Larry Lieberman – “Cool New APIs and Controls for Managed Developers in Windows Mobile V.5.0”

  • Robert Levy – “New Managed Messaging, State, and Notification APIs in Windows Mobile”

  • Xin Yan – “Creating Custom Controls for Managed Code with Design Time Support in Visual Studio 2005”

  • Neil Enns – “Exploring the Dirty Details of Building a Database Driven Application using VB and SQL Mobile”

We have some great MVPs and .NET Compact Framework community leaders presenting as well:

  • Ginny Caughey – “Right-Sizing - Choosing the Best Data Storage Approach for Your Mobile Application”

  • Chris Muench – “Game Development Using Managed Direct3D Mobile with the .NET Compact Framework”

  • Alex Feinman – “COM and Native Code Interop Using the .NET Compact Framework”

  • Maarten Struys – “What’s new for Multithreaded Applications in the .NET Compact Framework 2.0?”

  • Jim Wilson – “New Features for Data Centric Scenarios in the .NET Compact Framework”

  • Markus Egger – “Anywhere Access to Data in an Occasionally Connected World”

  • Chris Tacke – “ : Creating a Community-Driven Development Project

See you down in Las Vegas! If you want to meet up for questions, you can use the Contact form to send me an email. Include your contact info and we can find a time to meet.



P.S. I will also be presenting the memory architecture at Tech Ed and posting details on my blog for those not able to attend MEDC.


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