New Bill of Materials for Risk Assurance Documentation Library

A short time ago, I wrote a post called What Happens to My Data in Office 365?  In that post, I reiterated that:

  • We use your customer data only to provide the services we have agreed upon, and for purposes that are compatible with providing those services.
  • We do not share your data with our advertiser-supported services, nor do we mine it for marketing or advertising.
  • If you leave our services, we take the necessary steps to ensure your continued ownership of your data.

The post also included links to whitepapers in our library that discuss in greater detail the talking points about how we process customer content in Office 365; things like how we isolate one tenant’s data from another’s, how we encrypt and replicate data, and how data is protected against and monitored for unauthorized access. All the documents in our library are living documents that are updated as needed. The URL won't change, so you'll always be able to download the latest version using the same URL.

To make the library even easier to use, I have created a Bill of Materials for the library that you can use to have the latest whitepapers from our risk assurance documentation library at your fingertips. It's designed as a PowerPoint show file, so it can be used in discussions with security officers, risk officers, compliance officers, and similar professionals.  Simply download the file and double-click to open and it.

As always, we welcome your feedback on the Bill of Materials and the content library.