C# job openings

C# has a number of job openings that people might be interested in.  In particular, there are openings for both Software Design Engineer (aka "developer") and Software Development Engineer Test (aka "tester") spread fairly evenly across the compiler, debugger and IDE feature teams.  Building products for developers is a great joy for me and the team, and we'd love to add some strong new team members.

As a side note on the testing positions, our testers are developers too -- they spend much of their time creating automated tests and automated testing tools.  I'll blog in the future about some of the interesting testing tools and techniques we are using in this product cycle to boost quality.

The page I referenced above includes online resume submission, but you can feel free to contact me at the obvious email address, which for most bloggers on MSDN can be formed by removing http://blogs.msdn.com/ from the blog URL and adding @microsoft.com.  (Sorry for not just spelling it out -- spam is a big problem.)