Language Integrated Query (LINQ) feedback

We're getting strong feedback on Language Integrated Query (LINQ), both in-person at PDC and online.  Here are some of the online sources I've been reading today:

  • Channel9: customer comments on the Anders Hejlsberg LINQ video.
  • CRN: Gates: Vista Workflow, LINQ Extensions To Benefit Partners"Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates said the Community Technology Preview of Windows Vista and Technical Preview of its LINQ Project are aimed at ISVs and developers but that solution providers are fast becoming part of that world."
  • InfoWorld: .Net creator sees developer future with LINQ"As the man credited with creating .Net, Anders Hejlsberg has been in charge of making it easier for developers to build increasingly complex applications for years. With a new technology called .Net Language Integrated Query, or LINQ, introduced by Microsoft at its Professional Developers Conference (PDC) Tuesday, he said the software giant has taken another step forward toward solving a common problem for developers: how to integrate various sources of data into applications built with object-oriented programming models."
  • Microsoft Watch: Microsoft Rolls Out the Missing LINQ"Anders Hejlsberg, the father of the C# programming language, has been hinting for months that he was working on a way to be able to query simultaneously objects, databases, XML and other data stores. On Tuesday at the Professional Developers Conference, Hejlsberg unveiled the fruit of his labor: The Language Integrated Query (LINQ) Project. LINQ extends C# or Visual Basic with native language syntax. Microsoft is providing PDC attendees with early LINQ bits, company officials said."
  • LINQ blog posts from PDC bloggers.