Speaking at CapArea .NET

Everywhere I go on this launch your, I'm having a great time connecting with enthusiastic .NET developers.  I had fun last night speaking at the Capital Area .NET User Group.

My favorite moment in last night's talk was where I asked how many people in the audience had ever said "Works on my machine". The vast majority of the audience admitted it, and laughed.  Then I asked how many people had said it today, and a few people 'fessed up -- lots more laughter!  With our VS 2010 support for IntelliTrace, video capture and screen capture in bug reports, we hope to decrease the need to confess this!

My second favorite moment was demo'ing multi-monitor support in VS 2010.  Someone yelled out "You look like you're angry at that window!".  I was confused for a moment, but then realized that he was talking about the cyclocross picture of me on my desktop.  "Background me" was glaring at one of the windows.  You can actually see it in Andrew Duthie's pictures of the event.  Thanks to Andrew Duthie and Scott Lock for organizing this fun event.

Speaking of enthusiastic .NET developers, I enjoyed this InfoWorld article about an Evans Data study that ranks application development frameworks: "Microsoft .NET Gets Thumbs-Up".  .NET was #1!  It'll just get better with VS 2010 and .NET 4.