Transcript for today's chat with Eric Rudder

As previously mentioned, I participated in a chat today with Eric Rudder and 200+ customers.  The transcript has been posted on Channel9.

Besides the fact that I accidentally posted my bio in response to a question (rather than standalone, as an introduction) this chat went well.  It's fun to interact with and get feedback from customers.  Visual Studio is a big product with a very diverse set of customers, so I always learn something when I do a chat.  For example, today I learned more about the nightly build and continuous integration features that are being delivered as part of Visual Studio Team System.  I wasn't previously aware of these features and look forward to using them:

Rick LaPlante (Expert):
Q: What is the support for Continuous integration tools. Build will be MS BUILD? Unit testing?

A: VS Team System (Team Developer and Team Test editions) support creating unit tests (including the ability to code gen the signatures of your tests, running, and seeing the results of your unit tests inside the IDE. We also have built into Team Foundation Server a "Team Build" feature which is configurable to set the time between builds, currently its set to 24 hrs (nightly build scenario). There's an event model with the Team Foundation Server that you can use to get events when new checkins occor and can implement a continuous build model that way. I know the cruisecontrol folks at thoughtworks have looked at Team System and are figuring out how they want to integrate. we'd love to see be able to use all of the tests you can create in Team System, etc.

I hope you enjoy the full transcript!