Visual Studio 2010 Release Candidate

We're super-excited to have our VS 2010 Release Candidate out.  Thanks to everyone who gave us great feedback in Beta 1, Beta 2, and the recent CTP's leading up to this RC release.  We think that everyone will be pleased with the deep work we have been doing on performance, working set size, stress, and stability.  Your feedback has helped us this high-quality RC release, and we need one last turn of the feedback crank before we ship it! 

If you're already using a pre-release build, now is the time to upgrade!

If you've been meaning to try out VS 2010 before it is released and have been procrastinating, now is a great time to get on-board!  We'd love to have you try out the RC and try it out with existing projects, and let us know what you think!

Jason Zander's blog post has all the details of how and when to get the RC.