VS 2010 Launch

Product launches are a lot of fun for us.  We've been busy at work on VS 2010 since we released VS 2008 in late 2008.  We and our early adopters are extremely familiar with the feature set, so it's fun to see a fresh set of reactions and feedback from press, analysts and customers around the time of the launch.

Here's a set of links for articles that I read today:

  • InfoWorld review: Visual Studio 2010 delivers.  "A no-brainer upgrade for Microsoft-oriented developers, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 marks a major advance in functionality and ease."
  • Microsoft to roll out Visual Studio upgrade.  "Without further adieu, Microsoft will release on Monday its Visual Studio 2010 software development system and the accompanying .Net Framework 4 platform, followed later in the week by the release of the Silverlight 4 rich Internet plug-in software."
  • Microsoft exec: The world runs on software.  "Declaring that software runs the world and developers are the engine behind software, a high-level Microsoft official Monday unleashed the company's latest software development platform, Visual Studio 2010 and the accompanying .Net Framework 4."
  • Seattle PI Blogs: Microsoft to release Silverlight 4 on Thursday. "Less than one year after launching Silverlight 3, Microsoft on Thursday will release the next version of its Adobe Flash competitor, Silverlight 4."

Product and launch information can be found at microsoft.com/visualstudio, and there is a ton of new information on both msdn.microsoft.com and channel9.  Enjoy, and let us know what you think of the new release!