My New Years Resolution And Thanks

Well over 5 years ago I joined the nascent BizTalk Server team.  One of the reasons I came to Microsoft was because of the wide range of job roles available and yet I was just having too much fun with BizTalk Server to consider moving.  Nevertheless, with the SQL/BTS/VS launch complete and WF launched at PDC now is as good a time as any to move and after some extensive research into new roles during December starting Tuesday I'm changing jobs.

My new job will be on the Windows Client Product Planning team.  Initially I'll be thinking about the impact of virtualization and thin-client on various aspects of Windows licensing and product strategy post Vista.  This role is primarily inbound so I expect I'll disappear off the net for a while but we will see.

Many of you know Michael Woods, who has been on my team for several years, and some of you have met Kris Horrocks. Michael and Kris will continue to carry the flame forward for BizTalk Server. Paul Andrew will continue to carry the flame forward for Workflow.

I've met so many great people and made some fabulous friends during my travels in the last 5 years.  I have a ton of very special memories and I'd like to thank you for passion, hospitality and feedback which helped us all do better with each subsequent release of BizTalk Server.

When I get back to work on Tuesday morning I know nothing, I'm in a new space and I have a lot to learn - it should be fun!