OSD advertised to wrong collection / İşletim sistemi yanlış collection a göndermiş iseniz

How to / Nasıl yaparım:


Yapılacak en büyük hata Advertismenti silmektir!!!

Advertismenti silmeyin, disble durumuna getirin, Boot Image ve Windows Imagını DP den kaldırın. Aşağıdaki link de neler yapmanız ve neler yapmamanız anlatıyor.




How To Remediate An Incorrectly Deployed OSD Task Sequence In System Center Configuration Manager 2007

“In order to remediate the situation there are several actions that need to be taken and also several actions should also NOT be taken”


First thing what happens if you delete the advertisement: all messages will be deleted first. You will be not able to get any reports.




If you advertised the OSD to a wrong collection don’t delete the advertisement!!!

The above links are explanining what to do and what not.

Most Important: Disable the advertisement and remove the boot Image and Windows Image from DP.



Source: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/scstr/

Source: http://www.mycloud-tr.com/

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