FAQ: How do I License Cross Platform Agents?

This question comes up often enough, and I saw another person send an email out on it today – “How is Operations Manager licensed when it comes to monitoring UNIX and Linux computers?” For some reason, people think that because a monitored computer is running UNIX or Linux that the process must be different. Our licensing process is complicated enough without adding in different rules for UNIX and Linux computers! :)

So here’s the simple answer: Operations Manager is licensed according to the workload, and there are two license types – Standard Server ML and Enterprise Server ML. The workload you’re managing with a management pack determines the license type needed.

For Standard Server ML:

  • Management of basic workloads:
    • Base OS or system hardware
    • Storage/File/Print (FTP, NFS, SMB and CIFS)
    • Networking (DHCP, DNS, WINS and RADIUS)

For the Enterprise Server ML:

  • Any functionality not covered by the Standard Server ML (including application management)