Quest Announces VMWare extension for Operations Manager is now free!

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The QMX VMware extension is now free for VCenter/vSphere connections.  Now you can monitor all your VMware hosts and VMware guests managed by VCenter/vSphere within your System Center Operations Manager environment for free!

The Quest Management Extensions (QMX) - Operations Manager 2007 Edition VMware solution supports all versions of VMware. Once you purchase an extension other than VMWare, you can utilize any of the available QMX hardware level extensions (ex: IBM, Dell, HP) at no additional cost to ensure you know when hardware component issues may affect your performance and availability. 

Also, please note that you can use the QMX syslog gateway solution in lieu of using CLI for log file monitoring.  Lastly, it is important to know that there is no requirement to load any software on the VirtualCenter server(s) or ESX Servers to use the QMX VMWare solution (i.e. it is agent-less).

Below is an architecture diagram and sample OpsMgr screenshots so you can see how the QMX VMWare solution integrates into OpsMgr:

Architecture Diagram:

Operations Manager Simple Diagram View:

Operations Manager Detailed Diagram View: