Debian GNU/Linux 4.0r0 (etch) on Virtual PC 2007

The Debian site is not particularly easy to navigate, and I went in circles a few times before finding the download page that I was looking for:  The full DVD install is comprised of THREE 4.4GB DVDs.  Apparently the kitchen sink is included with Debian :)

It looks like the release date was April 7th, so this should be pretty up to date... let's see how the install goes!

Instead of downloading the DVDs, I downloaded the 160MB Net install CD ISO.  Text install again... good times!  I chose all the defaults, and soon reached the partitioning wizard.  Why doesn't Debian verify that it can reach an installation server on the network before formatting my drive?

Debian then installs the core packages.  I'm guessing that these are from the install ISO as I don't think we have hit the internet yet...

Aaahhh... there we go.  A prompt to hook into a network mirror.  I would have expected this a bit earlier...

First mirror ( failed, as did the mirror.  Third mirror finally worked, and I headed to bed with visions of a fully installed OS when I awoke in the morning.

As I was running a little late to work today, I didn't get a chance to check progress until this evening, over 20 hours later.

The install appears to have hung, as the progress bar is not moving (and there is no HD or Network activity).

A distro that doesn't even complete installing before locking up does NOT earn the Sean Blog seal of approval.  3rd Distro in a row that will not install successfully (while older versions of most of these distributions install just fine).  We're going backwards here!

On to OpenSolaris...