Meet the Sundancers

On Friday, I blogged about “Project Sundance”, which is an upcoming release from the Solution Accelerators team that combines the Vista/XP/2003/2008/Office security guides with the Configuration Manager Desired Configuration Management (DCM) packs for security, along with the GPOAccelerator tool into one package. 

Boy, that rolled right off the tongue.  There’s a reason why I’m not in marketing, but as a security geek this really is the bee’s knees.

In short, if you want to setup, deploy, and monitor a security baseline for your network, Project Sundance is for you.


Project Sundance is currently in beta, and the development team is holding a LiveMeeting on Wednesday from 11AM – Noon PST to demo the toolkit and get feedback on how they can make it work better for you.  So, be there or be square. I have it blocked on my calendar :)

Sign up for the event here:

This event is by invitation only.  However, I am inviting you. Tell ‘em Sean sent you :).

Invitation Code : BEA304

Bonus points: I don’t know what they are planning on calling the final product, but if you have a suggestion that is better than Microsoft Security-guides-along-with-Config-Manager-DCM-packs-and-GPOAccelerator-Toolkit-SP1 R2 2009, let me know and I’ll forward your suggestion to the team :)