More Virtual PC/Server Images

The product groups have been going buck-wild releasing preconfigured Virtual PC/Virtual Server images for you to play around with!  I mentioned a bunch of them in this post, and the master TechNet page is here.

Keith, however, noticed a few more:

And... in the most amazing use of compression that I've ever seen, Ronald Beekelaar (Virtualization MVP) has managed to fit 5 complete VPC images representing a working domain into... 255.6 MB.  Wow.


From Dugie:

The walk-through is a 22 page paper, supplied with VMs, scripts and a very sleek HTA interface. You get to choose between two different demonstration scenarios, Basic and Advanced.

The Basic demo shows just Domain Isolation and Server Isolation — and the Advanced demo includes No Fallback Group Isolation, Boundary Group Isolation and Encryption Group Isolation.

Anyway download the Server and Domain Isolation Demo and check it out.

*Update with one more VPC Image from Keith's blog