System Center Remote Operations Manager – Rapid Deployment Program

All right… I'm going to go all market-y on you here. I know there is not a ton of information out there on the new System Center Remote Operations Manager offering for Managed Services Providers (MSP's), but the marketing team is hard at work on that. The best place to keep your eye on is Dustin's blog, and I will try to post as I have time.

That having been said, the Rapid Deployment Program will be kicking off next month, and if you would like to participate, the nomination information is below. For you… you will get a 2-3 month headstart in managing your customer's sites using Remote Operations Manager. For us, we get case studies to share how successful you were with Remote Operations Manager J

Official invitation follows:


What is System Center Remote Operations Manager 2007?

Microsoft® System Center Remote Operations Manager 2007 is a new remote management solution for IT service providers with mid-market customers that enables end-to-end management of distributed infrastructures while simplifying management of Microsoft Windows®-based systems and applications. Unlike platforms that superficially address a broad set of functions aimed at service providers, Remote Operations Manager:


  • Creates a business advantage with deep monitoring and knowledge-driven management tools that enable service providers to offer more valuable services to their customers.

  • Increases impact and efficiency by enabling end-to-end management of distributed infrastructures while simplifying management of Microsoft Windows®-based systems and applications.

  • Improves control and protection of customer systems by enabling proactive configuration management while accelerating problem resolution.


What is a Rapid Deployment Program?

The Microsoft rapid deployment program (RDP) is designed to allow customers to explore a product before it goes public and to allow Microsoft to collect evidence on the product in a customer environment.  The customers enrolled in the System Center Remote Operations Manager 2007 Rapid Deployment program will be deploying System Center Remote Operations Manager 2007 in their own environments and System Center Essentials Evaluation Edition at the managed customer site.


Benefits and Requirements of System Center Remote Operations Manager RDP:




Head Start in the deployment of Microsoft's next generation Remote Operations Management software. We will be deploying the final product release of the product for this program, which will not be generally available until fall 2007.

Have TAP Agreement, Software License Terms, and Program Description signed.

Regularly scheduled conference calls with a member of the Remote Operations Manager marketing team and other participating customers.

Provide resources for the duration of the program

Access to for information access and downloads.

Upgrade to Remote Operations Manager RTM within 5 days of program acceptance.

RDP Program Participants will have two levels of support available.

Partner Advisory Services (PAS). Participants are incented to subscribe to this level of service where they will have access to a single point of contact for all incidents experienced in the use of the software and its implementation. Immediate telephone access is available to these subscribers where PAS will provide direct advisory services or escalate product problems to the appropriate Microsoft support team.

Standard Product Support. All participants will have the ability log product issues through an established process and receive support from the appropriate product team.

Must participate in marketing and public relations activities which may include but shall not necessarily be limited to Press Briefings, Analyst Briefings, Customer Testimonials, Events, Case Studies, Videos, Press Releases, White Papers and/or Advertisements.

For those who opt to sign a Partner Advisory Services agreement we will provide 60 hours of Partner Advisory Services for the price of a 40 hour package, delivery beginning at package purchase and lasting an extra 90 days beyond the traditional 1 year expiration. Partner Advisory Services offer consultative guidance, design reviews, and best practice recommendations for products including Operations Manager, System Center Essentials, Exchange, SharePoint, Active Directory, Security, and Dynamics CRM. For more information on Partner Advisory Services, see the following link:

PAS subscribers must sign Microsoft's Partner Advisory Services agreement.

Participants will receive one copy of System Center Essentials Evaluation Edition to be used for the duration of the program. This is to be installed on the participating end customer site.

Service Providers must have at least one customer and Master Hosters must have a downstream Service Provider that has at least one customer.

Partner finder referrals


Copy of Microsoft Management Summit DVD containing presentation and technical materials from the April 2007 event.




To join the System Center Remote Operations Manager RDP

Click on the following link: to fill out the Nomination Survey. Qualified applicants will be contacted by a program representative with further instructions. If you have any questions regarding this survey or the RDP, please use the Contact Me link in my blog and I'll forward you to the right person.