The “Get Real Work Done” Button

If you find yourself living in your inbox, finishing the day with hundreds of e-mails sent and received, but no productive work completed, it would be great if there was a “Get Real Work Done” button in Outlook. 


Fortunately there is, although the Outlook team gave it a different name ;)

Under the “Send/Receive” tab, click “Work Offline” and watch your productivity triple! Toggle this button 2-3 times a day (during your pre-planned e-mail triage times) and start to wean yourself from the addiction to checking every interruption that comes your way in real time.

Add it to your Quick Access Toolbar and save yourself two clicks in finding it on the ribbon.


While you’re at it… make sure you shut off those districting notifications for e-mail arrival.  It is the first thing I do when I install Outlook!

File –> Options –> Mail