The Obligatory First Post

Alright- I have the Technet Blog account setup, and the "New Blog" window open in Word 2007. This initial post will be to make sure that everything is working as expected.

A little bit about myself and what I hope to cover on this blog…

I am a Technical Service Coordinator on the Gold Certified Partner team, where I work with Gold Certified Partners in an advisory capacity. As I serve in a technical generalist role, I have the fortune of coming across technical issues (and solutions) on a wide variety of topics. I intend to post the various useful tidbits that I come across, and hopefully they can expand the sea of knowledge on the internet! My interests include Network Security, as well as playing with the latest and greatest technologies (which is why Microsoft is the greatest place in the world to work!).

I'll keep the first posting short, and my next posting will contain some useful information relating to best practices for presenting via Live Meeting.