Windows Server 2008 certifications


Speaking as one MCTS(rgb)_1079_1080_1078  to another... (sorry, I don't have any other cool place to show off my Windows 2008 certs and cool button from the Microsoft Certification Logo Builder), I just heard from Trika that you can sign up for notification as to when the new Windows 2008 certs go live here:

Not only will you get a cheery email letting you know that the certifications have gone live, but for a limited time (operaters are standing by), if you call in the next 15 minutes, you will also get:

•Same-day notification when the three Windows Server 2008 technology exams are available, plus a 40 percent savings code to use on any one of these three exams

•Same-day notification when the two Windows Server 2008 professional-series exams are available, plus a second 40 percent savings code to use on one of these two exams

If you want to get the cool certs that I already have, you can take the 70-649 test (if you are currently an MCSE) and pick up all three TS exams, or if you are an MCSA, you can take the 70-648 and pick up the AD and Network Infrastructure certifications.

Now Trika, will you please update the MCITP site with more information on the Enterprise Administrator and Server Administrator certifications?  Pretty please? With a cherry on top?

Until then, I suppose I will just hang out at the Windows Server 2008 Learning Portal, or read some of these books <sigh...>