BRAND NEW Windows 10 content from Microsoft Ignite

Just in case you are as thrilled as me for the release of Windows 10 this summer: here’s a full list of Microsoft Ignite conference sessions related to Windows 10:

Session Code Session Title
KEY01 Microsoft Ignite Keynote
BRK1300 Windows 10 and the Internet of Things
BRK1302 The New User Experience with Windows 10
BRK1303 Introducing Windows 10 Development and App Model
BRK1305 Overview of Windows 10 for SMB: The Modern Platform for Your Small and Mid-Sized Businesses
BRK2185 Microsoft Office: the Next Chapter on Windows 10
BRK2301 Windows 10 for Mobile Devices: From the Support Trenches
BRK2302 Minasi's Guide to Managing Windows 10: New Windows, New Tools
BRK2303 Windows 10 for Mobile Devices: Get and Stay Up-to-Date
BRK2304 Business Experiences, Reinvented with Windows Apportals
BRK2305 Overview of Windows 10 for Education
BRK2306 Windows 10: Disrupting the Revolution of Cyber-Threats with Revolutionary Security!
BRK2307 Enterprise Mode for Internet Explorer 11 Deep Dive
BRK2308 Windows 10: Security Internal
BRK2316 Deploying Windows 10: Back to Basics
BRK2318 Deploying Mobile Industry Devices for the Masses with Windows 10
BRK2319 Browser Security
BRK2320 Windows 10: Ask the Experts
BRK2321 Getting Ready for Windows 10: Servicing Windows Client and Server in a Managed Environment Today
BRK2322 Windows as a Service: What Does It Mean for Your Business?
BRK2324 Secure Authentication with Windows Hello
BRK2325 A New Era of Threat Resistance for the Windows 10 Platform
BRK2327 Next Generation Malware Detection with Windows Defender
BRK2328 Windows 10 for Mobile Devices: Tips and Tricks Demo Fest
BRK2330 Windows 10 for Mobile Devices: Top 5 “Get Ready” Activities to Prepare for Windows 10
BRK2336 Dropping the Hammer Down on Malware Threats with Windows 10’s Device Guard
BRK2337 Managing Windows 10: Back to Basics
BRK2338 Enterprise Web Browsing
BRK2339 Top Features of Windows 10
BRK2343 Windows 10 Management Scenarios: Mark Minasi Helps You Have Total Control for Every Budget
BRK2347 Windows 10 Browser Management
BRK2348 Windows 10 for Mobile Devices: What’s Next
BRK2349 Windows 10 for IoT: Interoperability and Intelligence
BRK2351 Windows 10 for Mobile Devices: Making the Mobile Shift and Drive Business Performance and Innovation
BRK2352 Tiles, Notifications, and Action Center
BRK2354 Building Windows 10 Apps for Office 365
BRK2497 Adaptiva: Successfully Deploy Windows 10 in the Enterprise Using System Center Configuration Manager
BRK2701 Developing Windows 10 Universal Apps in Microsoft Visual Studio 2015
BRK3300 Windows 10 for Mobile Devices: 10 Steps for a Successful Deployment
BRK3301 Windows 10 for Mobile Devices: Provisioning Is Not Imaging
BRK3303 How Microsoft IT Deploys Windows 10
BRK3304 Managing Windows 10 Using Group Policy with In-the-Box, Microsoft, and Third Party Tools
BRK3305 Windows 10 for Mobile Devices: To Bring Your Own or Not?
BRK3306 Windows 10 Universal App Deployment for Enterprises
BRK3307 Upgrading to Windows 10: In Depth
BRK3308 Windows 10 for Mobile Devices: Get and Stay in Control of Your Mobile Fleet
BRK3309 Windows 10 for Mobile Devices: Secure by Design
BRK3310 Managing Windows 10 with Microsoft Intune and System Center Configuration Manager
BRK3311 Creating Kiosk Devices with Windows 10
BRK3312 Windows 10 for Mobile Devices: Enterprise Business Apps and App Management
BRK3313 Windows 10 Mobile Device Management (MDM) in Depth
BRK3315 Application Compatibility in Windows 10
BRK3317 Creating a Seamless User Experience with Microsoft UE-V and Windows 10
BRK3318 Troubleshooting Windows 10 Deployment: Top 10 Tips and Tricks
BRK3321 What's New in Windows 10 Deployment
BRK3325 Preparing Your Infrastructure for Windows 10
BRK3330 What's New in Windows 10 Management and the Windows Store
BRK3332 Microsoft Azure Active Directory and Windows 10: Better Together for Work or School
BRK3333 Windows 10 Deployment: Ask the Experts
BRK3334 Preparing for Windows 10 Deployment: Assessment, Compatibility, and Planning
BRK3336 Black Belt Security with Windows 10
BRK3338 Using the Business Store Portal with Windows 10 Devices
BRK3339 Provisioning Windows 10 Devices with New Tools
BRK3344 Windows 10 Background Execution and Multi-Tasking
BRK4301 Expert-Level Windows 10 Deployment
C9-02 Inside Identity and Deployment for Windows 10
C9-14 Pass the Hash and Windows 10 Security
FND2901 Overview of Windows 10 for Enterprises
THR0310 The New User Experience with Windows 10
THR0322 What's New in Windows 10 Deployment
THR0342 Overview of Windows 10 for Enterprises


Whow, isn’t that an incredible list of Windows 10 sessions from Microsoft Ignite? I’m still overwhelmed of the conference announcements and the massive amount of content that has been published during and after #MSignite.

I hope this list helps you to get your Windows 10 evaluation, migration and deployment plans up to speed. I’m happy to hear your feedback about Microsoft Ignite in general and my blog post(s) in particular.



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