Bye-Bye "Brain Zaps"

Brain Zaps 

Finally got a chance to talk to my doctor on friday. Unfortunately, there is not much to do with the zaps as-is. But the main reason for the withdrawl symptoms is that I had to go from 5mg of Lexapro (which was 1/4 pill) to zero as it gets really hard to measure anything below 5mg.

Turns out they do make a liquid form of Lexapro (not too sure why) but its of benefit for me. This means that I can now taper off much lower in small increments. I went back up to 4mg/day. And from this point plan on lowering by 1/4 mg per day until I get to zero.

In regards to the brain-zaps. They went away about 1 day after I went back to 4mg.


Doing well overall, a little overwhealmed with everything that is going on in my life. The mound of things to do is so large and there is just so little time in a day. Gets hard some days to keep a straight mind and keep myself organized.

General Health

Besides that, been somewhat cruddy this weekend. Pretty tired, some congestion and my digestion has been all over the place. So my Dr also gave me some gough med and some anti-biotics to be on the safe side. Especially since my wife is alerady on the recovery from a bacterial infection of her own.

Gets real old to feel sick so often when you're only 31. Gets really overwhealming with trying to deal with a full-time job, lots of house work (and cleaning), my wife's semi-chronic illness... Been considering checking if my wife could qualify for Social Security Dissability. I realize she would not be working anyways, but her chronic illness does also prevent her from taking care of the house as much as she could. The disability premium would help cover some additional help (cleaning/landscaping). Tough Decisions! Sheesh...