CNC Mill Project Update.

Actually, there is not too much of an update. Was hoping to take advantage of the 3 day weekend to make some progress but we finally got our paddle boat onto the lake and took advantage of the nice weather. Was nice to get some fresh air and take in some sun rays.

Did manage to spend a little time hooking up the power supply for the motors. Essentially routed wires from the PC's power supply 110 Volt input to the power supply and then routed the 12V output to the controller board. Technically, I could have used the 12V output from the power supply directly to the board. But I plan on upgrading the power supply to a 24V source (which is recommended for the controller board to avoid overheating).

I've also connected a mini keyboard and 8" LCD touchscreen to ther case. So essentially all the core wireing is done. Next step is to install some software and give the motors a try.

In the meantime, I have also been looking into my options for linear actuators and aluminium framing options. Some options are realy expensive so I have been mostly looking on ebay for good overstock deals.

I have not updated with the latest details but I plan on doing so later this week.