Help Me Out Contest #1

I am not much for begging or asking for help. I prefer to try and get results myself rather than have to rely on someone else to get things done... But the fact is that after a few months, I am getting some traction but am not making too much progress with my debt reduction effort.

Having cut most expenses, the bleeding of money has been reduced to a bare minimum and I can say we are mostly balancing our finances right now. Of course, this does not leave much for any unexpected events nor does it help towars an accelerated replayment of my debts. So I have decided to create a little contest which may help jumpstart my debt replayment.

The contest is quite simple, join for a free trial of Amazon Prime or purchase an Amazon Kindle eBook reader and you are entered to win a $1000 Amazon gift certificate. You can also be entered in the drawing simply be referring others into the contest. You can read more details about the contest here: http:\\\HMOContest1.aspx.


I have tried to keep the rules to the contest as simple as possible and you can enter via either a purchase or by referring others to the site (in hope it encourages my readers to spread the word). The only real restrictions is that the drawing will only occur if at least 200 subscriptions/purchases occur, which allows me to ensure sufficent referral funds are earned to at least cover the cost of the gift certificate. I will post frequent updates as to how the contest is progressing....