Little More Work on my CNC Mill

This weekend, I spent a few hours working on my CNC Mill setup, most of it consisted of wiring. The motor controller board and putting it together. I have yet to complete my post for this, but thought i'd write a quick blog-up on this.

In the first picture below, is the controller board with the initial wiring. The three white cables are sets of four wire that control the motors. They end with a 6 pin molex connector so that I can connect the actual motor cabling to the computer. The grey cable are a set of various control signals, which essentially route through various unused pins of the parallel port. The last two dangling wires essentially go to the power supply.


The motor hook-up, as shown bellow looks a little more complicated than it really is. The output is four wires which go to a molex connector. The motor itself has eight wires and some wires need to be crossed together to put the motor into the parallel bipolar mode that I want to use.


And finally, below is the current assembled setup. The board has been mounted to the computer and wires routed and mounted to the outside of the computer. Also notice the monitor on top. It is a 8" touchscreen VGA monitor that I bought on ebay (for about $125) for another project. I will route the cabling for the monitor inside the case and also add a small form factor keyboard to the top of the case.


What's next? At this point, I need to finish routing a few cables for the monitor, keyboard and power supply. After this I should be set to start testing the motors, which should be pretty thrilling!!