Putting the CNC Controller Together - Part 1

I decided to start putting my CNC Mill CPU together today. Felt like modding a little so it semed like the best possible project. I probably should have tested all the components before I put them in (ok nothing isn't working so far) but was a little too impulsive and wanted to get to it.

As you can see from the title, this is Just Part 1, as I went forward, I realized a few needed parts were missing. So I will complete the project next time I have a chance to go to the store.

Here is what I had to put together


And here is the rough layour for the parts as to how I wanted to lay them out...


Step 1: Making Room

So obviously, the drive bays are mostly in the way. I wanted the computer to have 1 CDROM drive and one HDD. So I have decided to put them on the opposite end of the case (one at top and bottom). Then to make room, I decided to take the saw to the bay enclosure and essentially remove the unused parts.


Turns out the "soft aluminium" was harder to cut with the metal saw than I expected. I should have gotten the metal cutting attachement for my dremel. The job did leave a few pointy aluminium edges and I will likely constantly poke myself on them but should do the trick overall.


Step 2: Mounting the Power Supply

The next step is to mount the power supply, I essentially used a piece of paper in which I punched holes where the screw holes at the bottom of the power supply are located. I then drilled holes through the case side panel using the template and then simple screwed in the power supply.


Step 3: Mounting the Motor Controller

I decided to mount the controller at the bottom of the case since this is where there was most availible room. I essentially drilled four holes and used screw-in risers (the same thing used to mount a motherboard) to secure the board in.


The next step, is to start wiring things, but however at this time I need a few little extra pieces of hardware to get this done and will keep making progress after my next trip to Fry's :)