IT Infrastructure Threat Modeling Guide


The IT Infrastructure Threat Modeling Guide is now available.

Organizations today face an increasing number of threats to their computing environments. You need a proactive approach to assist you in your efforts to protect your organization's assets and sensitive information. This guide provides an easy-to-understand method that enables you to develop threat models for your IT environment and prioritize your investments in IT infrastructure security.

This Solution Accelerator includes a Microsoft Word document that helps IT professionals develop and implement threat models for their IT environments, and a Microsoft PowerPoint® presentation that is designed for use in a learning or lecture environment to present the concept of IT infrastructure threat modeling. These materials are designed to help IT professionals accomplish the following:

· Provide use case scenarios for each component to be threat modeled.

· Identify threats that could affect their organizations’ IT infrastructures.

· Discover and mitigate design and implementation issues that could put IT infrastructures at risk.

· Prioritize budget and planning efforts to address the most significant threats.

· Conduct security efforts for both new and existing IT infrastructure components in a more proactive and cost-effective manner.

Next Steps

Download the IT Infrastructure Threat Modeling Guide.

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