Just Released: New Beta Security Baselines for Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 8!

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We are pleased to announce this Security Baselines Beta release. The best-practice guidance and security settings provided by the new Security Baselines Beta will help you plan and deploy your security baselines with ease and confidence. These baselines provide you with prescribed settings documentation and Group Policy objects for Windows® 7, BitLocker™ Drive Encryption, and Windows Internet Explorer® 8. The preconfigured settings are designed for both Enterprise Client and Specialized Security – Limited Functionality environments. Ultimately, these baselines allow you to leverage the experience of Microsoft security professionals and reduce the time required to harden Windows 7, BitLocker, and Internet Explorer 8 for your environment.

Tell us what you think! Test drive our Beta release, and send us your constructive feedback. What are your thoughts on the recommended settings in these new security baselines? Do you see any ways the content could be improved or made more useful? We value your input; this is the perfect opportunity to be heard. The Beta review program runs until August 17.

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