Malware Defenses

Following the success of the Malware Removal Starter Kit, the Solutions Accelerators - Security and Compliance (SA-SC) team has been working to provide a more in depth look at malware. The team would like your input about what you and your peers find beneficial when dealing with malware.


Malware security comes in many flavors, all of which aim to provide layers of defense in depth. These layers should constitute more than just a firewall and antivirus products. We need to look at a more concise solution. 

The face of malware is changing rapidly, as most of you are aware threats are getting more sophisticated, and complex . Additionally many organizations continue to rely solely on a firewall to provide most security needs.


With this in mind, we’d like your thoughts on best practices for managing malware; in particular, which of the following do you think a good malware defense should involve?


o  client-side security

· Antivirus

· Antispyware

· personal firewall

o Server-side security

· Hardening

· limit services

o Edge security

· A firewall



Does this basic solution provide an adequate technical solution for most organization, or are there key issues that are overlooked? And when should fledgling companies start their anti-malware efforts, even if they don’t have all the pieces in place for basic anti-malware strategy? What about Messaging, and IM?


We are interested in hearing your ideas. If you would like to voice your position on malware defense, please let us know.