The future of security baseline management has arrived: Download the Security Compliance Manager!

The Security Compliance Manager is now available for download! Windows 7 security just got easier. The tool includes support for this and other Microsoft operating systems and applications.

Many thanks to those of you who participated in the beta review program, and thanks to those who helped us spread the word about this new tool.

Download the Security Compliance Manager.

Learn more about the Security Compliance Manager.

The release of this tool represents the result of hard work and collaboration with IT pros, government agencies, and Microsoft security experts around the globe. We’re excited to provide you and your organization with a tool to better balance your needs for security and functionality, and help you to efficiently manage the security and compliance process.

SCM Hardening Process

The Security Compliance Manager will help you accelerate knowledge to merge best practices, customize once to centralize decision making, and export to multiple formats to enable monitoring, verification, and compliance. The tool is designed to accelerate your organization’s ability to efficiently manage the security and compliance process for the most widely used Microsoft technologies.

We hope you’ll take the time to download the Security Compliance Manager. We’re excited about this new release, and once you’ve tried it, we’d love to hear from you!

Share your favorite feature. Let us know if you used the tool to secure Windows 7, Internet Explorer 8, or another OS or application. Enjoy!

Vlad Pigin - vlpigin @ microsoft dot com

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