When it comes to malware - what keeps you awake at night?

It’s a challenge to protect an organization’s valuable assets against malware. And as malware increases in magnitude and sophistication, it seems that IT security is a journey that really doesn’t have a final destination. Do you find yourself looking over your shoulder and wondering about new threat vectors, where the next attack is coming from, and whether your current safeguards are sufficient?

We really want to know--what is your biggest malware challenge today? We aren’t asking about specific forms of malware. Let’s assume there are a whole bunch of bad things that you need to protect your organization from. We're interested in learning how you do so and the challenges you face in doing so. Do you use a defense-in-depth strategy to protect clients, servers, and the network edge? If so, what has been the most challenging part of implementing such a strategy? What keeps you awake at night worrying about whether your strategy is sufficient to keep the fox out of the chicken coop?

The Solution Accelerators for Security and Compliance team is starting a new project with a broad focus: Malware Defense-In-Depth. We’re looking for your input to help us determine where to focus our attention. Tell us what would help you the most in developing, implementing, and maintaining a malware defense-in-depth strategy. Tell us what tools you need. Tell us what guidance would be most beneficial. We are very interested in your ideas on this topic. Malware isn’t going to go away, so how can we best help you to defend against it? If you have an opinion on this topic, please post your comments.