Whoops, sorry about the baseline troubles!

If you haven’t heard, Seattle was hit hard by snow and ice yesterday. It took some people up to 10 hours to get home last night. Holy cow! I was lucky – my boss advised I go home yesterday at about 12 noon and I was sitting in my apartment in downtown Seattle with hot spiced cider as I watched cars slide backwards down the Seattle streets. Quite entertaining actually, since it wasn’t me. J

I’ve been getting an email about once every hour that baselines are failing to download. At first, I thought this was related to our recent release of SCM v1.1.2, but it turns out that three baselines have been corrupted on the Microsoft Download Center. The three affected baselines are:

1.) Windows Server 2008 R2
2.) Internet Explorer 8
3.) Windows 7

Here is what it looks like if you try to download these baselines from SCM.


I am in the process of escalating this to our release team right now. In the meantime to unblock people, I’ve posted these three baselines on my SkyDrive account. You will have to manually download them to your drive, and then install them manually with SCM. Not that big of a deal, but I’m very sorry about the trouble!! Let me know if you have any issues.




Thanks for using and loving SCM! Cheers!


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