SFF Tales Review–Parley

Parley (Privateer Tales #3)Parley by Jamie McFarlane
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Great example of the type of books that self-publishing has enabled for new authors. I can tell Jamie is a newish author, but really enjoyed the story and look forward to reading future books and seeing him develop further as an author!

Description: (Amazon synopsis, modified by me) After fighting space pirates and rescuing a damsel in distress, Liam and Nick want nothing more than shore leave at Puskar Stellar. But neither their newest crew member, Marny, nor the Mars Protectorate Navy is ready for them to spend much time relaxing. Their old nemesis, Harry Flark, has found a new mining station to pillage and this could be the perfect opportunity for them to finally take Flark down. 

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