Anti-XSS Library 3.0 RTM

RV hereā€¦

Anti-XSS library 3.0 is now RTM!!! MSDN download center is updated with the new binaries. Here is a overview of the changes in 3.0 release.

New features in this version of the Microsoft Anti-Cross Site Scripting Library include:

  • An expanded white list that supports more languages
  • Performance improvements
  • Performance data sheets (in the online help)
  • Support for Shift_JIS encoding for mobile browsers
  • Security Runtime Engine (SRE) HTTP module
  • MSDN style help
  • A sample application

There are no changes to the library, so it maintains binary compatibility with the beta version. You can simply replace the previous binary with the new RTM binaries. The new installer can be downloaded from download center.

Anti-XSS will be becoming the Web protection Library (WPL). Stay tuned!