Farewell from Mark Curphey & Please Help Me Fight Blood Cancer

Mark Curphey here…..

It is with some degree of sadness that I have to hang up my spurs from this blog. Next Monday I take up a new role on the Server & Tools Online team (think MSDN & codeplex.com) where I will be heading up the subscriptions engineering team. I have held various security roles in big and small companies for the last 15 years and so it is very much a new chapter in my life as I follow my passions of modern development practices, online community and user experience. I call it Curphey 2.0!

The work of the Security Tools team will not change or be affected in any way. There is great work continuing including CAT.NET, WPL and WACA (as well as a whole lot more internal implementation engineering on Identity Management and other related security management tools). There is a LONG overdue release of CISF and updates due on the Security BI and Risk Tracker work we have been cranking out. The team will continue to use this blog to communicate public releases and share their work and learning's.

It has been an honor and a pleasure to work with the team. It is a very talented bunch of folks who have made work fun! You can follow my new adventures at my new personal blog http://www.curphey.com and as usual on Twitter using @curphey (or http://www.twitter.com/curphey). I will be posting some notes over on the BlueHat blog about my talk in Beunos Aires next week and have one final security keynote “10 Crazy Ideas That Might Actually Change the State of Information Security

One of the things I have been blown away by at Microsoft is the Corporate Citizenship and the culture of giving. It’s a part of our corporate culture that I think we can be very proud of. As I transition to my new role I wanted to share something personal. Before I move on I have a personal plea. Yes it’s a plea, a plea to your kind hearts and good nature. Last week I signed up to run the Seattle Rock’N’Roll Marathon with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) Team In Training. The run is on June 26th, 2010 and I am raising money to help fight blood cancer. I am not going for pace, I just want to finish and raise money for a good cause. I just want to do something good. For a few years I have wanted to do a marathon as one of those things to tick off of the “been there and done that in Life” list but more importantly I know a few people who have been in dealing with cancer of various forms. One friend has a 9 year old son who has been dealing with a brain and a spine tumor for most of his life (I am not going to tug on your heart strings too much but it’s a heart breaking story) and another good friend (my age)  is now recovering from Lupus. The chemotherapy has literally disintegrated his bones to the point where he has had to have his hips replaced so he can walk. He will never be able to run with his kids like I can. My minor skin cancer scares pale into insignificance when you see what others go through and a little bit of pain on a 26 mile run will be negligible in order to help advance the research and prevent others from suffering. I am healthy and alive; getting fit and a few blisters will be a breeze in comparison to what others go through.


Please, please consider sponsoring me and raising money to flight blood cancer. I am happy to accept sponsorship if you want to induce pain in me or help relieve if from others!

My Team in Training Sponsorship page can be found here.  If you work for Microsoft it has directions on how to ensure that Microsoft matches your donation so together we can double the donation for employees.

All donations help. Anything helps! It’s for a great cause!

As I live in a “Connected World” you can even track my run stats on the Garmin Connect site here using an RSS reader to see just how tough I am finding it!

Thanks for your support!

PS : I am also happy to do speaking events, write articles, consider endorsements or wear your company logo in return for donations.  You can write to me at mark at curphey dot com with suggestions.