WPL at SecurityBytes in India

If you want to come hear Anil Chintala (one of the developers on Anti-XSS) speak about the new WPL you can catch him at the OWASP / SecurityBytes conference in New Delhi later this week.


It’s being opened by the former President of India!!

Profile Anil Chintala currently works for Information Security Tools team in Microsoft as Senior SDE where he is responsible for building security tools and security management applications. He has worked on security tools such as Anti-XSS Library. Anil currently focuses on building Connected Information Security Framework (CISF) to integrate all the security management applications supporting Information Security program at Microsoft. Solving information security problems and writing secure code are his passion.

Anil holds a bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has over ten years of experience and expertise in building applications using Java and Microsoft/.NET technologies where he has led architecture, design and development of various enterprise applications for large software services, technology and consulting companies. He enjoys playing tennis, video games and watching football.