Learning Windows Development with Quickstarts and How to’s

In coordination with the Windows developer preview release for the Build conference, we quietly have added a few new page types across our content sets and today I’ll talk about two very important ones:

These are important because you can find the specific type of content that you are looking for by searching on the developer centers with the keyword "Quickstart:" or “How to:” and can also get right into the code by keeping an eye out for these keywords in page titles.


The new quickstart page type is designed to quickly get you introduced to a scenario or feature without getting in to the details but instead focusing on just the essentials.  For example, the Adding a flyout quickstart will get you going in just a few minutes from the Building your first Windows Metro style app with JavaScript to having a  simple Metro style app with a flyout.  Another great example is the Quickstart: Adding an app bar page which will quickly get you going from having a simple Metro style app to having a Metro style app with an app bar on the bottom of the screen.

Check the see also section for some more examples of quickstart documentation.

How to’s

The how to’s that we have begun publishing compliment the Quickstarts by diving deeper into edge cases for scenarios and teaching you how to go beyond the basics.  A great example of a list of how to’s can be found in the How to Use Direct3D documentation another great set of how to examples are How to use the App Packaging API and How to Use the Deployment API.  These how to’s will get you through the intermediate steps of using your applications when you are working on releasing and deploying your apps. Check the see also section for some more examples of how to documentation.


When you’re looking at search results and browsing the documentation, make sure to pay special attention to the Quickstart and how to documentation because these pages are focused to getting developers solutions to typical problems they will encounter while developing Windows apps.

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