What's new in the Windows Dev Center? (Part 1)

Today, we launched the new version of the Windows Dev Center.  This is a major release that includes a number of very awesome updates:

  • New look and feel
  • Content integration with the library
  • New forums
  • New samples gallery
  • New download experience
  • New social communities
  • Improvements to search
  • Support for video embedded within content

There are probably a few other things that we can't remember in the chaos that has been BUILD.  But, we're up, and we wanted to show you a few of the finishing touches we put on our Windows developer preview release.

For now, we'll just show you the new look and feel of the homepage:

Notice that we've now integrated what was previously the Windows Hardware Developer Center content with the Windows Desktop (Client) Developer Center content and have made room for the brand new Metro style apps content.  This has been a HUUUGEE effort that involved moving lots of varied content into a single location. We hope that you enjoy developing with Windows 8 in the coming months!  More to come!