What's new in the Windows Dev Center part 3: New center controls

So we've talked a bit about the new look and feel as well as the library.  These additions to the Windows Dev Center have been part of a "bring up" that creates a more integrated experience that matches the look and feel of Metro style apps.  We've also added some rather cool functionality to the center through some new controls, most notably the new rating and feedback control and the video control.

New Rating and Feedback control

The new rating and feedback control appears at the bottom of every reference page that is surfaced through the Windows Dev Center.  The control looks like this:

When you click the control, you get more options for specifying what the feedback that you're giving pertains to as shown in the following screenshot:

I'll bet you're wondering what happens when you fill out the form and click submit :)  Well, the feedback gets stored into a database and the writer receives the feedback directly. With the aggregated feedback, the writer can update the topic to address your concerns and the documentation gets better!

We're really excited about this new control because it will help us to create better documentation when you see something that's wrong. 

New Video Control

The new video control is based on HTML5 and lets us embed videos within the documentation. We prioritized producing good code and accurate documentation for BUILD but in the future you'll hopefully see the control used in our docs.  The following screenshot shows how it might look in docs once we have produced and embedded video:

We're working (as I write, in fact!) on getting some videos together for the new documentation and hopefully you will see them embedded within the developer documentation in the coming weeks!

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