Windows Desktop Developer Center Updates for 06.17.2011

The following things happened this week:

  • Kinect SDK released
  • New Code Gallery created for Windows Desktop Developer Center
  • The C++ Renaissance continues!

Kinect SDK for Windows
A brief link/news roundup:

Some cool videos were created and prepped by Channel 9 that are definitely worth watching!

Kinect Demos with CH9 team:

Setting up your Kinect development environment:

Skeletal tracking fundamentals

Kinect Camera fundamentals

Working with Depth Data

New Code Gallery on Windows Developer Center

The new Windows Desktop Developer Center code gallery is now live!  We are still working it into the developer center navigation, but you can now see it and get the latest and greatest samples for Windows in a great browse experience.  The code gallery also now lets you upload your own samples!  Very exciting!

The C++ Renaissance continues!

Herb Sutter on Heterogeneous Computing and C++ AMP

 Mohsen Agsen - C++ Today and Tomorrow:

 Craig Symonds and Mohsen Agset: The C++ Rennaissance.

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