Windows Dev Center Updates for 09.16.2011: BUILD and Windows 8

This week, we launched the Windows Developer Preview at the BUILD conference.  This release shows the new user interface of Windows 8, adds functionality for developers, and also introduces a new programming model and language enhancements. Needless to say, it has been an exciting week! 

New Dev Center Updates

We have been going over the enhancements for the developer center separately in the 3 posts so far covering:

We've got plenty more to update you on about the changes, but it will take a few posts for us to cover everything.

BUILD Presentations

There have been tons of great presentations at BUILD and some of the big keynotes for the desktop from the first day of BUILD have been:

You can watch all of the BUILD videos online at Channel 9.

Top Resources from the Dev Center

There is a lot of content on the Windows Dev Center but there are definitely some pages that we expected to get more traffic than others and a couple resources that are really important right now.

The Windows Developer Preview Windows 8 guide gives you a great introduction to Windows 8. Windows 8 Guide XPS  / Windows 8 Guide PDF

If you're looking for community support for the Windows developer preview, there is a forum that we have created for this very purpose, the Windows Developer Preview General OS Questions forum. There are other forums - Windows Metro style apps development forum,  Windows desktop app development forum, and Windows hardware development forum.

We have some great samples for the preview and have created some filters so that you can see just the samples you're looking for.  The Windows Metro style app samples, the Windows hardware samples, and the Windows desktop samples.

Getting started is a key resource on the Dev center: Get started with Desktop app programming, Get started with Metro style app development, Get Started with Windows hardware development. We will be continuously updating the developer content and we'll make sure to highlight additional key resouces moving forward.

If you're looking to download the Windows desktop developer preview make sure that you calculate a SHA-1 hash of the ISO to make sure that the download wasn't corrupted.  To do this:

  1. Download the file checksum calculator utility from Microsoft.
  2. Run the checksum utility passing in the path to the downloaded ISO and the SHA-1 flag. (for example: fciv c:\users\gclassy\desktop\WindowsDeveloperPreview-32bit-English.iso -sha1)
  3. Verify that the SHA-1 checksum matches the value that we have on the Windows Developer Preview Downloads page for the ISO you downloaded. When I ran the code against the 32-bit ISO, the following output came from the program, indicating my checksum is valid.

// File Checksum Integrity Verifier version 2.05.
4e0698bbabe01ed27582c9fc16ad21c4422913cc c:\users\gclassy\desktop\windowsdeveloperpreview-32bit-english.iso

Social Media and Other Cross-technology Communities

We've been engaging on the Windows Developers Twitter account and we also have a Windows Developer Facebook page that you can Like and receive updates from us.

Closing Thoughts and Feedback

Let us know how we're doing, it's been a busy week which has afforded us little time to sit back and think about what's working and what's not. Drop some comments if you have a strong opinion - positive or negative.  Thanks!

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