Windows Developer Center Roundup for 03.18.2011

The following updates were perfomed this week for the center:

Accessibility Center Update:
The accessibility center added an impressive new training resource: the Accessibility Training Course and Resource Materials.  This disk image has tutorials covering several aspects of accessibility and governance for developers creating Windows applications.  The resource CD represents months of effort performed by accessibility experts across Microsoft and is an essential resource for developers reaching an audience with various disabilities.

Windows Touch Samples:
Over the past couple months a number of great Windows touch samples have been created, released, and updated by Evangelism folks here at Microsoft and developer content authors.  I summarized my top  7 Windows Touch samples in a blog post with screenshots of the samples.

I also did a short writeup about my Roomba + Netbook robot that I recently created based on the designs from Johnny Lee (former Microsoft employee).

We are still working on reorganizing the developer center.  If everything goes to plan, there may be changes rolling out as soon as two weeks from now!

Have a great weekend!

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