Windows Developer Center Roundup for 04.01.2011

This week, Channel 9 put up all of the videos from PDC 2008-2010.  We also have continued working on revisions to the developer center and have identified some of the first pages to make changes.  Planning meetings have kept the team working on the developer centers pretty busy so there have not been significant content updates to the center. 

Channel 9 Videos from Past PDCs

The Professional Developers Conference is an annual (well, somewhat annual) event that Microsoft has hosted to inform developers about the latest technology that Microsoft has released to enable developers to create awesome software for Microsoft platforms.  There are tons of great videos on the site that cover a plethora of developer scenarios, best practices, and deep dives into product features.  Check out the PDC videos  or, like me, set them playing in the background and replay the presentation sections that are interesting for you!

First Target Pages to be Updated on the Developer Center

The following list covers the first pages that we'll be reorganizing for the current proposed developer center update.  All of them are learning pages that cover specific scenarios, features, or fundamental development concepts for Windows Developers:

Some Personal Updates

It looks like the See Also Windows Phone appthat I submitted using AppMakr to the Windows Phone store failed certification :-( but I'm working through the cause (poor exception handling) to see if I can get it certified!  Also, a fun list I created a while back:

How not to deal with a geek:

#1 Insult their intelligence.
Telling a geek they are stupid is like telling a mugger they can't kill you.

#2 Mix up his or her obsessions.
Just see what happens when you tell a Star Wars geek that he or she needs to get their mind off "The USS Enterprise".

#3 Misuse the English language in excess
"Look Dexter!!! [Deers|fishes|mooses]!"
"It was them fault that the computer broke."

#4 Just about anything JarJar Binks
Doesn't warrant explaination. OK, ok, "Messa JarJar" *shudder*

#5 Miss the boat and unearth a dead meme.
Be very careful when bringing to light the "latest internet craze" stuff.  Be espescially careful of viral videos.  Yes, we have all seen the ghost car in europe, the hamsterdance, numa numa, know what a meme is, etc...  If it's not new, don't act like it is.

See Also