Windows Developer Center Roundup for 04.08.2011

This week, we have been working to clarify the updates to the developer center so that some of the first pages can be updated.  Also, we shared some notes on the improvements to search on the developer center.

Clarifying Updates on the Developer Center

The project to improve and standardize content within the developer center is underway but we've had some roadblocks from the publishing side because they are having trouble understanding the guidance.  To keep things moving we're working to clarify the proposed updates. The first big part of this is the consistent titling for the proposed resource page type and clarifying how the sections will be used:

Getting Started

Links in this section will have content tailored to enabling you to jump right into a feature, scenario, or other learning topic.

Integrating this Feature/Scenario

This section will have more comprehensive, detailed, information about things that can come up when you are integrating a feature or scenario into your applications.

Learning more about this...

This section will have information that guides you to community resources for a feature or scenario and will also have the deeper learning information about a particular learning topic.

Search improvements to the Developer Center

For a very long time we have been pusing our tools teams to deliver scoped search for the Windows Developer center and we quietly got that functionality recently.  I strongly recommend you check it out because it is an awesome way to find the right resources for Windows development on MSDN and in the Windows Developer center.  Learn more about the changes in my post: Search Updates to the Windows Developer Center.

Just for kicks, you can try it from the following form:

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