Windows Developer Center Updates for 07.08.2011

This week, we have the following changes / updates on the center:

  • We released a translation of the Windows Touch Developer guide in Spanish. 
  • New changes coming soon to the developer center home and learn tabs, finally :) 
  • The ratings control is working and we're getting your feedback! 

Windows Touch Developer Guide

The Spanish subsidiary of Windows developer evangelism translated the Windows Touch Developer guide to spanish, Guía de APIs para Windows táctil.  This guide contains a great summary of everything you need to know for creating touch experiences on Windows.

New changes to the center coming...

We're currently working on some of the changes we have been fighting for over the past few months.  The following images are a preview of how we'll be simplifying the homepage and learn tabs:



The following changes apply to the Windows Developer center home page:

  • Removed links into learning content.  By having all the learning content on the learn page, you can go to one place to find all of our guidance rather than try to figure out whether it's on the home page / learn page.
  • Removed the right rail.  This was an ugly UI blemish that has been carry over from Vista design.

The following changes apply to the Windows Developer Center Learn page:

  • New categories of learn topics.
  • More comprehensive integration of the resource pages.

We'll be sure to announce when the updates go live, should be a week or two.

We hear you!!!

Feedback controls were added to the center pages last month and we're seeing feedback!  Please take the time to rate our pages by clicking the stars up top and adding comments. The volume of feedback is currently small enough for us to address all feedback so here's your chance to get your inputs on the center!

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